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MysticalDat Faith-based Life Coaching

Make An Appointment For Life Coaching Session

A session is £55.00 at 45 minutes.

First Time Coaching

Please complete First Time Coaching form if this is your first appointment.

Divine Yahuah Professional Body


Divine Yahuah Professional Body

Please complete the online registration form or get in touch by emailing if you are interested in becoming a Member of Divine Yahuah Professional Body and I will send you a membership registration form. Complete this form and email it back, wait for a response before making payment towards your membership, this also applies when you fill out the form online.

Membership fee is £80.00 paid annually. 

Divine Light | We Are Light



When we say Networking think King Divine Yahuah to connect you with the right people. Trust is the word He knows them. Expertise in Networking is our Father King Divine Yahuah. Come let us Socialise on Divine Light with our Father King Divine Yahuah.  



Divine Light | We Are Light 

Coming together to share our Divine's Love, to socialise and network with families and friends. Living A Spiritual Life And Staying Connected To King Divine Yahuah. We Are One.



One with our Divine Father, Creator and King Divine Yahuah as One big happy Family.

Life Is About Divine Love.

One Family.

Divine Healing Wellness Clinic

King Divine Yahuah Compassionate Father, Father of Healing & Care.

Our newest addition from King Divine Yahuah is a special website called Divine Healing Wellness Clinic. This website will provide basic health care services, teach prevention and self-help skills to serve our World Heaven. All is being Led, Given and Directed through Divine Guidance and Knowledge from King Divine Yahuah Our Father.

Our Father And Creator King Divine Yahuah Heals Us In Various Forms, Through It All We Endure With Him At The Hospital.

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